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Basic Website Package

$800.00 $400.00

The Basic Website Package is an all-in-one comprehensive website package, like no other.

The package includes everything you will need to get your website up and running from start to finish, with meticulous attention to detail from inception to completion.

This package is typically the most popular and cost-effective solution for those needing an all-inclusive, high quality identity online.

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Included in your Basic Website Package

1. Web Design

The development process is naturally a two-way thing and we’ll build it with you, your way. If you have a vision as to how you want your website to look, that’s what you’ll get – as long as you’re able to get your idea across in a clear and concise manner, of course.

Short of ideas? No problem, we’ve got you covered. With a little feedback we’ll gauge your personal preferences using other sites around the web. Perhaps you like a certain aspect from one site and a completely different facet in another? No problem. We’ll take your ideas and put them all together, make your perfect website a reality, building the site from the ground up.

2. Content Management

Web development shouldn’t be a headache and your website will be fully content managed using the WordPress framework as a foundation. This enables amendments and additions with the minimum of fuss, and you can easily do these things yourself once the site has been created.

3. Graphic Design

Websites today are far cleaner and visually appealing than ever before. In order to achieve a perfect balance to your site, quality graphic design and a complimentary colour balance is essential. We’ll provide stock images for your website during the design process from our library, and while you may wish to ultimately replace these with your own images as we refine the aesthetics, these are yours to keep if desired.

We’ll also provide swatches for the colour scheme, creating a perfect visual balance on the website to your own personal taste.

4. Domain and Web hosting

If you haven’t got a domain name or web hosting, we’ll set it all up for you and continue to manage it for as long as you want us to. Better still, your first year’s domain registration and web hosting are completely free.

*Prices for renewal twelve months after your website launches are typically $20 for your domain name and around $100* for the web hosting. This renewal is for another year, paid in advance. Should you wish to move your hosting or domain after the free period has expired, you are welcome to do so and we’ll even help you with the process.

*Denotes 2019 average hosting cost for 2GB SSD Cloud Hosting

5. Marketing and SEO

How your website performs with search engines is a vital consideration, even before you start. Your website will be optimised perfectly using the latest SEO techniques, and a site map submitted to all of the major search engines upon launch.

Furthermore, we’ll install Google Analytics for you, so you can monitor your site’s performance through its lifespan, making the necessary content or structural changes as you go.

6. Fully Responsive Mobile Website

A website that only performs well on desktop systems is no use to anyone in today’s age of smart phones and tablets. With this in mind, we’ll ensure your website performs using a responsive framework, meaning your website will look, feel and function perfectly on every device.

7. Social Network Integration

Today, Social Networking is one of the fastest ways to market your website, promoting growth and attracting new business. We’ll provide social media integration for you, making it easy for the user to not only visit your social media pages, but to also share your site with their own personal network.

8. Unparalleled Personal Ongoing Support

Many web development companies show little interest in providing support once you’ve paid their final invoice. This is the polar opposite of how we believe things should work, and an area where we truly excel. I will be on hand day and night long after the project is complete to address any queries, concerns, or issues you may have for free.

Better still, with your website you also get at least two hours* of free maintenance. While this may not sound like much, this equates to a substantial amount of ongoing security updates, content changes, fresh graphic design work, and search engine optimisation (SEO) analysis.

*The minimum amount of free maintenance is two hours with each website. For websites where the initial build time is less than typical (for example, a product mini site), clients may benefit from increased maintenance time of up to ten hours maximum.

9. Google Drive Automated Backups

In the event that your website should encounter serious problems or accidental data loss for whatever reason, we have a premium backup system in place to keep you safe. Sites are backed up every day and the backups encrypted and stored off-site from the data centre as an extra contingency. Full site backups are created weekly on a rolling basis, with the 10 latest backups stored (with a maximum capacity of 10 gigabytes)

10. Online Security

Websites today are constantly under attack from hackers, and if marquee companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and eBay can be hacked (as they all have recently), it’s essential to make sure you’re protected as much as possible.

Of course, it’s impossible to legislate for new vulnerabilities since they’re being discovered all the time, but we’ll provide a three-layer security system that will certainly keep you protected.

  • The first layer is our premium security plugins, which will automatically scan for issues or attacks, and block them at source. A full notification system is also in place should you wish to receive emails when your site is under attack. We also provide login protection against brute force attacks, automatically blocking the offending IP address upon repeated failed logins.
  • The second layer is our firewall. We have two firewalls against hackers, one at the server centre provided with the hosting, and a software based one integrated into your website.
  • The final layer as mentioned previously is a regular backup system. Your site is backed up at regular intervals, so should the worst happen, we are always able to restore to a point where your site was clean.

Furthermore, backups are encrypted and stored off site with a third party for an added layer of protection.

11. Email

Having email addresses with your domain increases the professional feel of your online presence, and we’ll provide email addresses with each website. This can come in two forms; (1) web forwarding, whereby would automatically forward to a pre-existing email address of your choosing, or (2) standalone email accounts, which share your website’s storage capacity.

12. GDPR Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice

For full compliance with the GDPR data protection regulations, your site will need a fully compliant privacy policy. This will be included in the package free of charge, and a cookie notice popup will also be added to the site, enabling the site users to agree with your data protection terms and conditions.

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